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Wave Song

It’s the sound. That low hush you hear with your diaphragm rather than your ears. All night it accompanies your sleep and your waking moments; wild, slightly  menacing, yet reassuring. All day it is there, bracing you against the world. … Continue reading

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Surf’s Up… and Over

The sky seems higher and wider; bluer than usual. The air is sweet with the faint tang of salt, bringing memories of childhood holidays, sandcastles and ice-creams, and endless summer days. Excitement begins to bubble. We pull on our wetsuits, … Continue reading

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Autumnal Yearnings

The sky is smudged with inky fingerprints. I know there is sunlight up there: it sparkles through the cracks in the cloud like a light behind broken misted glass. Out across the hills, tweed colours are dabbed here and there … Continue reading

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West Country WILD!!

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The cliffs fall away to clefts and crevices, filled with Jurassic secrets. And then to steel sea, where a tall ship waits for the tide. Salt wind stirs our senses. We walk through a green channel, banked by lichen-wrapped elder … Continue reading

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Hot Sunday, Lulworth Cove

Silk-fine sea lays on a breeze, pinned in place by masts and their reflections. Round pebbles roll underfoot like peppercorns. Where white-edged wavelets dissipate, the water is clear as isinglass. Dog barking waggily; dribble and splash of a swimmer. Sea … Continue reading

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Coast Train

On the red beach where the foam fingerwalks the shore Rain rivulets divide the window. Gulls open their wings and step off the jetty And are lifted like questions.      A child’s voice asks if we are in Cornwall. … Continue reading

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