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Malvern Memories

It was the crowning moment of the day; a day filled with light and love and joy bursting from every twig and seedhead. A day I will cherish forever. It began with wrapping paper scattered like confetti over the bedclothes … Continue reading

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Sunday sunshine, blue-sky spirit-lift. Leather jackets, excitement; roaring freedom. Traffic, frustration; aggravation. Houses, cars, smothering. Countryside fenced, parcelled. Forbidden. Narrow lane, nettled footpath, trickling stream. Dappled bank, fish bubble. Blue spark. A moment’s contentment.

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Gnats. Bouncing on invisible springs. Looping round each other on a micro-thermal ride above a path. Rising higher each time, reaching for the sky. Dustmotes in a splash of sunlight. Gnats. Hurtling along a highway suspended above a river. Streaming … Continue reading

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Coast Train

On the red beach where the foam fingerwalks the shore Rain rivulets divide the window. Gulls open their wings and step off the jetty And are lifted like questions.      A child’s voice asks if we are in Cornwall. … Continue reading

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