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Hints of Autumn

Autumn’s leafy gold footprints are scattered over the garden after a day and night of wind and rain. Cloud smudges the sky like charcoal fingerprints. In the hedgerows, sloes and rose hip gemstones stud the greenery, and the wet grass … Continue reading

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Wild Cornflower

Just collected the seed head of the wild Cornflower in the garden. It grew alone on the small stone steps going down to what looks like a former pond. Though sometimes found in gardens now, the Cornflower is rare in … Continue reading

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The Stones of Aran

Stone. Grey terraces that once poured from the sea and now lie exposed to the sun like mercury setting.¬†Shrinking and cracking as they dry, forced open by co-ops of thrift reclaiming their sky. Green puddles of meadow backed up against … Continue reading

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