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Tales of the Tamar Valley

The trees are black. Spruce, pine, fir – a matchstick fort, each straight trunk spoked with leafless branches holding up a blanket. Droplets glint along larch leaf-tips; holly is shiny. It’s been raining for four days and nights, and the … Continue reading

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Song of the Seal

I sit on the edge of the land, feet dangling over the sea. The March sun is warm on my face. Around me, chewed cliffs curve up like a wing-backed chair. Across the bay, the headland seems to float on … Continue reading

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The Stones of Aran

Stone. Grey terraces that once poured from the sea and now lie exposed to the sun like mercury setting. Shrinking and cracking as they dry, forced open by co-ops of thrift reclaiming their sky. Green puddles of meadow backed up against … Continue reading

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