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Hot Sunday, Lulworth Cove

Silk-fine sea lays on a breeze, pinned in place by masts and their reflections. Round pebbles roll underfoot like peppercorns. Where white-edged wavelets dissipate, the water is clear as isinglass. Dog barking waggily; dribble and splash of a swimmer. Sea … Continue reading

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The Sound of Summer

Sunlight paints patterns on the curtains, leaving shadowy leaf shapes. Early traffic grumbles; great tits pipe. Then, above the murmurings of the starting day comes a shrill stream of sound like a fine line scratched in glass with a metal … Continue reading

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Wild Cornflower

Just collected the seed head of the wild Cornflower in the garden. It grew alone on the small stone steps going down to what looks like a former pond. Though sometimes found in gardens now, the Cornflower is rare in … Continue reading

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After the rain

The rain has stopped. The sky is quilted like a beach after high tide; cloud leaves padding blue silk. Laced across a dark corner, a spider’s web is studded with diamonds, each a different colour. Similar drops hang from leaf … Continue reading

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Tales of the Tamar Valley

The trees are black. Spruce, pine, fir – a matchstick fort, each straight trunk spoked with leafless branches holding up a blanket. Droplets glint along larch leaf-tips; holly is shiny. It’s been raining for four days and nights, and the … Continue reading

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Song of the Seal

I sit on the edge of the land, feet dangling over the sea. The March sun is warm on my face. Around me, chewed cliffs curve up like a wing-backed chair. Across the bay, the headland seems to float on … Continue reading

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Gnats. Bouncing on invisible springs. Looping round each other on a micro-thermal ride above a path. Rising higher each time, reaching for the sky. Dustmotes in a splash of sunlight. Gnats. Hurtling along a highway suspended above a river. Streaming … Continue reading

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